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Electronic Gearbox Control Units

WABCO Reman Solutions  - Electronic Gearbox Control Units

H L Smith now supply a full range of gearbox ECUs, Actuators and Powerpacks. These are sold on a service exchange basis and are suitable to DAF, MAN, VOLVO, RENAULT and IVECO.


ECU and Actuators are prominent on heavy duty vehicles, mostly commonly tractor units. ZF PowerPacks are becoming increasingly popular and are fitted to vehicles of 7.5 tonnes and upwards.


Electronic Gearbox Control Unit - Power packElectronic Gearbox Control Unit - Power pack


WABCO ECU’s and Actuators


Wabco ECU 1-1 Wabco ECU 1-2


HL Smith supply remanufactured WABCO Reman Solutions ECUs and actuators as fitted to ZF and Volvo. Units can be supplied base programmed or fully programmed, on a service exchange basis All carry a 24 month warranty.


WABCO Diagnostic Support Available


Wabco ECU 2-1 Wabco ECU 2-2


Either in vehicle or in workbench mode. Our Dyno test Facility allows us to perform certain dynamic tests when fitted to completed transmissions.




Wabco ECU 3-1 Wabco ECU 3-2


Full diagnostic support for GS3 and GS3.3 WABCO Reman Solutions units fitted to the ZF AS Tronic series of gearbox, including the 12 AS and 16AS, fitted to both commercial and PSV vehicles. We also supply fully remanufactured WABCO units, programmed and ready to fit to the vehicle where licensing permits, or we can supply the actuator only.


WABCO Power Pack Assemblies


Wabco ECU 4-1 Wabco ECU 4-2


Full diagnostic support for the WABCO Power Pack assemblies fitted to the ZF AS Lite series of gearboxes. WABCO Power Packs, supplied pre-programmed with either the base programme installed ready for the dealer to complete or fully programmed if we have your old core with us.



WABCO Volvo Actuators


Wabco ECU 5-1 Wabco ECU 5-2


HL Smith supply the Volvo I-Shift actuator fully remanufactured by WABCO Reman Solutions. Fitted to Volvo and Renault commercial and PSV vehicles.


All units are fully remanufactured units and carry a 24 month warranty.

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