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H L Smith Transmissions News

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07/11/2016 Over 30 Pelloby cranes installed in H L Smith workshops

Making light work of lifting transmissions parts

28/08/2014 Announcing a new video for H L Smith

See our skilled transmissions engineers at work

28/05/2014 Outing for our new trailer!

H L Smith Transmissions really stands out at music festival

11/02/2014 Upgrade of workshop facilities at H L Smith

A sweeping renovation programme in all production areas

22/01/2014 H L Smith Transmissions opens new Telford storage facility

H L Smith opens new storage facility in Telford,Shropshire

12/12/2013 H L Smith install a new manual transmission test facility

Keeping up with new transmissions technologies

11/05/2012 Bringing Up the Gear - fault diagnosis

Is your automated gearbox fault an electrical or mechanical one?

01/03/2012 Fault diagnosis in Allison World Series automatic transmissions

However good they are, problems can still occur...

29/06/2011 Expansion and Relocation of Drivehead Stock at H L Smith

Sales and support teams expanding to meet increased demand.

15/08/2010 Resolving Truck Transmission Problems

What do you do when your delivery truck breaks down?

01/06/2010 Fault diagnosis - gearbox

Andy French, workshop manager, has some useful advice on diagnosing common gearbox faults...

01/05/2010 Daily Transmissions deliveries for H L Smith

The first Iveco to join our fleet of light commercials