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Need help with truck transmission problems?


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As the UK's leading supplier of replacement commercial vehicle transmissions parts, H L Smith have a wealth of information about parts and maintenance of your commercial vehicles.


If you have a problem you need to resolve, try our FAQs. PLease click on the links below for specific questions and answers.


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Allison World Series automatic transmission

Addressing some common transmission problems e.g. no power to selector, problem engaging drive, and a "do no shift" light.

Axle carrier failure

Common symptoms and causes of axle carrier failure including differential spinout, shock failure and lack of lubrication.

Common gearbox faults

Does your gearbox jump out of gear? Here are some things you can check.

Drivehead problems

Investigating oil leaks, excessive noise, loss of drive and crabbing.

H L Smith's gearbox services

Gearboxes - general questions

Power Steering Faults

Power steering warranties, leaks and steering problems.

Propshaft Problems

Common causes of vibration and how to check for problems.