DAF Transmissions Parts

DAF vehicles are recognised for their advanced design, low operating costs and superior level of driver comfort. From 7.5 to 44 tonnes, DAF is a market leader in the UK – which creates a high demand for replacement commercial vehicle parts. H L Smith offer reconditioned DAF parts for the full range: XF, CF and LF.

DAF 12AS 1210 TO , DAF 12AS 1420 TO, DAF 12AS 1620 TO, DAF 12AS 1630 TD, DAF 12AS 1930 TD, DAF 12AS 2130 TD, DAF 12AS 2131 TD IT, DAF 12AS 2140 TD, DAF 12AS 2141 TD - IT, DAF 12AS 2330 TD, DAF 12AS 2331 TD IT, DAF 12AS 2531 TO IT, DAF 12AS 2540 TD, DAF 12AS 2541 TD IT, DAF 12S 2130 TD, DAF 12S 2133 TD, DAF 12S 2330 TD, DAF 12S 2331 TD IT, DAF 12S 2333 TD, DAF 12S 2530 TD, DAF 12S 2531 TD IT, DAF 12S 2831 TD IT, DAF 12S 2833 TD, DAF 12TX 2210 TD, DAF 16AS 2231 TD IT, DAF 16AS 2523 TO, DAF 16AS 2631 TO IT, DAF 16S 109, DAF 16S 151, DAF 16S 181, DAF 16S 1820 TO, DAF 16S 1822 TO NMV, DAF 16S 1830 TO, DAF 16S 1831 TO TD, DAF 16S 1920 TD, DAF 16S 1923 TD , DAF 16S 1930 TD , DAF 16S 1933 TD, DAF 16S 2020 TDL, DAF 16S 2023 TD Dir, DAF 16S 2030 TDL, DAF 16S 2033 TDL, DAF 16S 221, DAF 16S 2220 TO, DAF 16S 2221 TO IT, DAF 16S 2223 TO, DAF 16S 2230 TO, DAF 16S 2321 TD IT, DAF 16S 2323 TD, DAF 16S 2330 TD, DAF 16S 2331 TD IT, DAF 16S 2333 TD, DAF 16S 2334 TD, DAF 16S 2520 TO , DAF 16S 2521 TO IT, DAF 16S 2523 TO, DAF 16S2231 TO IT, DAF 16S2530 TO, DAF 5HP 600, DAF 6109 A, DAF 6AS 1000 TO, DAF 6AS 1005 TO+NL10B, DAF 6AS 700 TO, DAF 6AS 800 TO, DAF 6S 1000 TO, DAF 6S 700 TO, DAF 6S 800 TO, DAF 6S 850, DAF 8S 109, DAF 8S 140, DAF 8S 151, DAF 8S 1620 TD, DAF 8S 1630 TD, DAF 8S 180 IT, DAF 8S 181 Dir, DAF 8S 1820 TO, DAF 8S 1823 TO, DAF 8S 1830 TO, DAF 8S 1833 TO, DAF 8S 2220 TO, DAF 8S 2221 TO IT, DAF 8S 2223 TO, DAF 8S 2230 TO, DAF 9S 109, DAF 9S 1110 TD, DAF 9S 75, DAF FS 6109A, DAF FS 6309A, DAF FS 8309 A, DAF S5 42, DAF S6 36, DAF S6 36/2, DAF S6 80/1+GV80, DAF S6 90GV90

DAF Gearbox

On the DAF gearbox range, we cover all transmissions either on a service exchange basis or a repair on your unit…the product we cover would be from the DAF LF 45 up to the latest ZF Traxon transmission fitted in the DAF XF. Fast moving items include the ZF Eco 4 series and the AS Tronic fitted in the DAF 85 and DAF 95 series, we also service the ZF Ecolite both manual and automated transmissions found in the DAF LF Models.

We carry on stock the Wabco Power Pack fitted to the ZF Ecolite Transmission and the Wabco GS3 units fitted to the AS Tronic transmissions these would be supplied with a base programme installed or if we have your unit here and it can be diagnosed, we can fully programme to the latest software.

All the DAF gearboxes supplied or reconditioned by us are put through their paces in our dyno test facility ensuring trouble free installation and operation.

All gearboxes are supplied with a full 12-month warranty both parts and labour.

DAF 16128, DAF 1344, DAF 2699, DAF 1132, DAF 1132T, DAF 1355T, DAF 1347, DAF 1355, DAF 1339, DAF 5 10, DAF 5 12, DAF 5 14, DAF 8 20, DAF 8 22 , DAF 10 20, DAF 10 22, DAF 10 26, DAF 11 26, DAF 1356, DAF LF45

DAF Differential

On the Drive head range our faster moving items are mainly DAF’s own differentials, type 1347 and 1339 in the DAF 95, 85 and 75 along with the DAF 1132T and the 1132 in the 8 and 6-wheeler series. We also offer the lighter range in the DAF 45, 55 and 60 series encompassing not only DAF’s own product range but also Dana and Meritor Diffs that now appear in the later models.

Our Differential workshops are fitted out with the latest equipment ensuring all our differentials are built to exacting standards and specifications.

DAF Power Steering

Power steering has been amongst our product range for a number of years where we offer all popular ZF and TRW steering boxes that are fitted throughout the entire DAF series of vehicles.

Being a safety critical product, our Power Steering department is equipped with the latest dyno test facility allowing us to fully test all units to O.E specification ensuring trouble free installation and safe operation.

DAF Propshaft

To complete the range of drivetrain equipment we stock all makes of Propshafts to suit all DAF current production and to complement this we hold all universal joints and centre support bearings. Our Propshaft department is fully equipped with auto weld and balancing machines ensuring all units give trouble free service.

Whatever your needs on DAF driveline product we can get you back on the road cheaper and faster than anywhere in the UK.

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