Dennis Transmissions Parts

Replacement transmissions parts supplied for all Dennis trucks, buses and coaches, including the Dennis Dart and Trident.

Dennis MD 3000, Dennis MD 3000P

Dennis Automatic Gearbox

Dennis Specialist Vehicles, being one of the country’s largest manufacturers of municipal and passenger service vehicles, are the leading users of Allison transmissions on O.E fit in the UK. Now using the Allison MD3060P and HD4060P in the refuse collection trucks, in the PSV range using the Allison AT545 and the later models using the 1000 & 2000 Series Allison. Our Allison Automatic Department is equipped with the latest state of the art equipment and dyno test facility allowing us to fully test and operate every unit to O.E specification. We also offer an onsite diagnostic service and fitment of replacement unit if required.

Dennis 18100, Dennis 18120, Dennis 18199, Dennis 23120, Dennis 23199, Dennis 11-36 D, Dennis DSD 401, Dennis DSH 44, Dennis G 150, Dennis G171, Dennis R 344, Dennis R400, Dennis RSH 44, Dennis 10.24, Dennis 08 18

Dennis Differential

Throughout the Dennis differential range the Eaton Drivehead is found on nearly all models. The Eaton 18120 along with the 23199 and the DSD401P Double Drive diff units are fitted on the municipal range. On the PSV side, once again the Eaton 1800 series may be found along with the 1024 series and the 1128.

Our Differential workshops are fitted out with the latest equipment ensuring all our differentials are built to exacting standards and specifications.

Dennis Power Steering

Dennis predominantly use two different makes of power steering gear, being the ZF and the TRW range. Both makes are available Service Exchange.

Being a safety critical product, our Power Steering department is equipped with the latest dyno test facility allowing us to fully test all units to O.E specification ensuring trouble free installation and safe operation.

Dennis Propshaft

To complete the full range of driveline product we also stock all makes of Propshafts to fit all Dennis current production, to compliment this we also hold All Centre Bearings and Universal Joints.

Our Propshaft department is fully equipped with auto weld and balancing machines ensuring all units give trouble free service.

Whatever your needs on Dennis driveline product we can get you back on the road cheaper and faster than anywhere in the UK.

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